Now testing: Visual Subst

I’ve been a longtime fan of the dos command subst, which allows you to take a folder on your computer and assign a drive letter to it.  You can still get to it through the original folder, and it behaves no differently from before, but you can easily get to it through a simple drive letter.

The biggest drawback to using the command line for this (or creating a batch file) is that it needs to be run every time the computer starts.  Typically, I set up a batch file and add it to my startup routine…which I must forget to do whenever I reimage my machine…

Visual Subst promises to do the work for me, giving a nice little visual interface to set up the mapping, then it will take care of it every time I turn on the computer.

Subst Screenshot

As I’m writing this, I’m now questioning whether this is worth a dedicated app for, but I have a feeling it’ll end up in the boneyard if it doesn’t have some whiz-bang feature set.


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