New iPhone Apps: Sound Grenade & Alarm Clock

Free versions of both (paid versions available for added features).  Alarm clock is a digital clock (with nice Matrix-ey green old school LCD style numbers).  Sound Grenade was recommended by a co-worker of mine.  A devious little program that uses the speaker to emit a high pitched tone that’s remarkably difficult to track down.

While I’ve continued to download Apps, I’ve purged nothing from the iPhone as of yet.  I suspect some will come soon, but given my pickiness of what I install, I don’t see a mass deletion on the horizon.

I haven’t shelled out money for any apps, which surprises me.  I was not under the impression that there were a wealth of worthwhile free Apps in the iTunes store.  Additionally, I’m pretty excited that I don’t need to hook up to iTunes on a computer to download Apps.  Surprising that I’m as in tune with tech as I am, however I had no clue the experience would be this slick.  Perhaps this is something Apple can improve upon a bit.

My most used App has been Evernote, in fact, it’s now more useful than I’ve ever found it to be.  Perhaps the topic of an upcoming post…


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