iPhone Adds

I’m still wary of adding a bunch of crap onto my phone. This is in part because I don’t want it to become a time-suck, but also because I want to make sure I don’t bloat the phone and run into performance issues. The new adds are below.

ZBar Barcode Reader – After seeing a number of QR barcodes, I wanted to download an app that would read them.

Public Radio – Pulls both live streams and provides easy mobile access to historic Minnesota Public Radio content. One day, if I’m curious, I might explore some of the additional content available through the app.

Solitaire – Because who doesn’t need solitaire at some time or another?

That’s all…not too many adds (but I’m not having to remove anything either).

For the curious, here’s a QR Code for my http://www.matthewcanderson.com website.  Scan it with your phone and it will open a link to the site in your mobile browser.  Enjoy!
matthewcanderson.com QR Code


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