Month: June 2010

Fixing the annoying MS Office Smiley/”J” issue

For years now, whenever I put a 🙂 into an Outlook email, it’s been immediately replaced with a little smiley face.  It seemed cool, until I later found out that it rendered as a J in some (read: most) email clients.  To avoid looking like I have an affinity to insert a random J into my emails, I’ve made it habit to go back and fix this little annoyance.

I want it to look like a :) not a J

Not really a big deal, but a lame annoyance.

The truth is that the solution couldn’t be much simpler.  Chris Prillo (of Lockergnome fame) details it in this post [found via Lifehacker].  Outlook is using the autocorrect functionality, replacing the common smileys with a single character in Wingdings, so deleting these autocorrect rules will put an end to the substitution.