I’m really digging “Fences” as my desktop de-clutterer

About two months ago, I installed Fences at work to help keep my desktop looking more organized in three key ways:

  1. It allows me to group icons together in little fenced off groups, in little areas on my desktop.
  2. When I dock and undock my computer, things rejigger themselves in a rational way.
  3. I can double click on my desktop, I hide or show all icons, fenced or otherwise.

It’s been great for me, because I like to keep a tidy desktop with a view of my wallpaper, but there are a handful of things that I do like to keep handy if I need them.  Practically speaking, I keep a few basic fences, and leverage the “hide” feature often.

Desktop Screenshot of Fenced Icons

Here's a fenced off area with some keepers.

It’s great because I can make everything on the desktop disappear, leaving only the pretty picture to look at.  I only wish it were this easy to keep my home office this clean!

Desktop looking nice and tidy.

Fences is there, but everything's hidden. It only took a quarter of a second to do this!!

That’s all there is to it.  Stardock publishes this software, and they’ve come up with another winner.  While I’ve been an on/off dock and WindowBlinds user, Fences is here to stay.


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