Where you at?

For the folks who keep tabs on this site, you may have been curious about the noticeable lack of fresh posts out on mydigitalism.  In short, I’ve been spending my free time getting my new band’s web presence off the ground.

I’ve been in a local cover band for the last three and a half years.  We specialized in rock music: 80’s, some 90’s, and some 2000’s.  It was a lot of fun, but it was getting to be more of a chore than it was a hobby I looked forward to.  The toughest part was that I did still want to be playing….it’s a great distraction from long hours at work.

The solution?  Start a new band.  So a group of us did.  Daisy and the Dukes.  That’s all well and good…but that doesn’t explain the lack of posts here.  Allow me to continue.

Along with the new name, came a change of players, a change in music style (now a mix of country/rock), and we went back to square one as far as marketing.  This meant my time went two places: 1) learning a lot of new music….well. and 2) building up our electronic presence.

I jumped right on top of getting a domain name, facebook page, myspace page, twitter account, flickr account, and started weaving it all together.  My background served me pretty well for putting something together.

There are two pillars with our electronic presence, the daisyandthedukes.com website, and our facebook page.

The website is focused on being an easy one-stop shop to find us.  The fact that we have our exact band name as our domain name is a huge plus, especially with such a memorable name.  From the website, you can see the facebook badge (and recent updates), see a list of shows, see our recent tweets, and get a general feel for who we are and what we play.  All without a requirement of signing up or logging in to anything.  Make it easy.

The facebook account is all about the social aspect.  It’s a great tool for having regular interaction with folks, and specifically with people who opt in (via the like button on our page).  This has been more work than I expected, as I’m not a very regular facebook user.  That said, through the advertising efforts of the group, we passed 100 Likes by the time we hit our first full show!

Feel free to have a look at the website!!  More posts to follow.


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