I’m so excited for TRON: Legacy

I just watched 15 minutes worth of behind-the-scenes B roll footage out on collider.com.  Oh boy oh boy!!  What made it better?  The music in the background was Daft Punk.


You might think 15 minutes is a lot of B roll footage to watch…but then I'll toss out a reminder that several years ago, I forced some friends to watch the "Making of Tron", which was 88 minutes in length (the original movie was only 8 minutes longer).  Honestly though, the amount of brute force that went into the futuristic computer world look realistic was soooooo amazing!!  Don't believe me?  Here's an excerpt:

Pretty cool…and if you think that's a lot of work, check out the whole making-of, where they describe the borderline insane method for lighting up the actors suits when they're in the computer world.

The sequel is coming so soon, and I can't wait!


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