Ars had an absolutely hilarious review of an Android tablet last week…

The victim is the seemingly atrocious Maylong M-150 tablet that sells at Walgreens for a mere $99.  I doubled over laughing at on online review I picked up through RSS, which does a fantastic job of conveying the full experience of purchasing a new M-150.  An early excerpt:

M-150 Promotional Image

It looks nice on paper and in pictures, it's easy on the wallet, but Ars says Beware!

On paper, the Maylong tablet looks… okay. It has a 7″…resistive touchscreen…a 400MHz (or 533, depending on whom you ask) processor, 256MB of RAM and 2GB of built-in storage. It comes with 802.11b/g for WiFi and no 3G support, though it claims to be able to use USB-based 3G cards via the extra dongle that comes in the box. It weighs less than a pound and comes with Android 1.6. Hey, what do you expect for $100?

In the box is the tablet itself, the aforementioned dongle, the power cable, and a very simple manual. The stylus rolling loose around the bottom of the box was a very nice packing touch.

Hop out and read the full review at Ars Technica.  Once you’ve recomposed yourself, check out the Best Buy Blog response, which takes a bit more positive of a tone.


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