Month: December 2010

Authentic Greek…


It’s either that or the hot dog. 🙂


HDMI Public Service Announcement

In the wake of the holidays, now's a good time to remind people what's important when buying appropriate cabling.  Anyone who's heard my rant about Best Buy's relentless attempts to upsell me on my HDMI cable purchase, you already know how I feel about this.


Thanks for posting this, lifehacker.

Pretty awesome “The Brothers Mario” Movie trailer

Careful where you tune in, some strong language:
Stick it out to the end for the fireball 🙂

Thank you GameStation!

It'd win nine times out of ten over Captain Lou Albano's Mario offering…

..the tenth time, I'd probably watch Captain Lou.  Yep, that's nostalgia for ya!

The Big Ten, Legends and Leaders

The Big Ten unveiled the new Conference logo today, as well as the two division names (and logos).


I'm proud to see the Minnesota M in the Legends Division 🙂

The Big Ten website has the full press release, examples of all of the new B10 and divisional logos, and a video announcing the new names, and more.

I hit my annual shoveling quota this weekend…

These snowy photos are of my front yard. Tough to tell that I’d already shoveled the driveway and the walkway once, clearing 8 or so inches.

This is the same snow that collapsed the roof of the metrodome…

Glad the stadium wasn’t full, the panic could have been a disaster…

Brainstorming the movie “Real Steel”…

"Hey, this transformers series is really popular…let's do a robot movie!"
"No, UFC is really popular right now, let's do a fighter movie!"

"Glorious, we can compromise…Let's turn this:

Into this:
…and we will get Hugh Jackman in on it too, because he's rough and tough!" 

Chorus: "YEAH!!"

On the plus side, it'll probably be more compelling than Gamer was.