I submitted my application for the Chrome Notebook pilot program

Early on, I was not a fan of the Chrome web browser.  My experience had highs and lows.  With the later releases, things got better, more stable, faster, and comfortable.  Now, they're prepping to release their own operating system that's built around the core of the Chrome browser.  I'm looking to test an early release.

Curious why Chrome OS has a future as a computer operating system?  Google has some videos that help bridge that gap.  You can watch a couple below, or see them all.

Instant Web (Speed)

Always Connected

I'm surprised, though not that surprised, when I step back and realize how much I've shifted to a cloud-based experience lately.  With my use of Dropbox (my pdf repository), Pogoplug (my personal cloud), Google Docs (to manage my band's documents), Office Live (for OneNote), and Pandora (for music), I see how much of what I do already leverages the cloud in one way or another.  That said, cutting the "local" computer experience entirely is an intimidating thought…but I'm game to give it a try 🙂

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