Brainstorming the movie “Real Steel”…

"Hey, this transformers series is really popular…let's do a robot movie!"
"No, UFC is really popular right now, let's do a fighter movie!"

"Glorious, we can compromise…Let's turn this:

Into this:
…and we will get Hugh Jackman in on it too, because he's rough and tough!" 

Chorus: "YEAH!!"

On the plus side, it'll probably be more compelling than Gamer was.


  1. It makes you wonder what other ridiculous movies they could derive from our childhood games and toys. Mousetrap? Pogo-Ball? Super Soaker? Crossfire?Actually, I’d probably go see a Crossfire movie.

  2. Don’t get caught up in the….Crossfire!!! I think Mousetrap is a TV show called mXc 🙂

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