Month: March 2011

Doxie on the way

I have a large scale project in 2011 of further decluttering. I’ve had a kick-start with our move to Salt Lake City, but there were a bunch of other pieces to the project.

Next up (April) is to digitize my old banking records. There will be some hard copy keepers, but I figure I can free up an entire file cabinet drawer’s worth of space.

Yesterday I ordered a Doxie USB scanner to help out with the project. It’s a nice small form factor and runs off the USB power. Also, it has what appears to be a nice integration with Evernote. I’ve tried a few of their “trunk” software recommendations in the past, but this will be the first hardware purchase.

I’ll post more later about how things go!

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The Rise of Posterous as my Blogging Platform

WordPress is a great blogging platform that has offered me a ton of flexibility in designing sites. The deep control, particularly robust with the platform, has given the tinkerer in me many hours worth of fun.

Where it has fallen short is in the posting interface. It’s not particularly complicated, but it is definitely busy. Adding photos and videos to a post can be a hassle, and rarely in an online post am I too concerned about the exact spacing, size and location of an online photo.

These are the kinds of things that have made Posterous so useful for me! Their goal is to make the task of posting dead simple-and they succeed.

Here’s an example: want to start a posterous blog? Just send an email. Yep, that’s it, a regular old email sent to will create a blog for you, add a post with the text In the body, and send back an email confirmation with a link to see the new site. Couldn’t be simpler. Want to embed a YouTube video? Put a link to it in your email. Want a photo album? Attach some photos to the email.

No need to log in, no need to do anything special. Of course, if you want to log into their service, you’re still given full control over theme, layout, etc. so no worries that it will be too bland. They also have a great mobile app with additional features you can flip on.

I’m not moving old sites over to Posterous, but it’s been awfully tempting. We’ll see where I go from here.

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Kill’s ‘special team’ looks like no fun

Kill's 'special team' looks like no fun
Phil Miller

     Football practice always looks like a lot of effort. But I've never seen anyone work quite as exhaustively as Michael Carter did on Thursday.
     Carter is the only current member of what Jerry Kill called "my special team," a team you definitely don't want to be part of. Kill wouldn't reveal what the junior cornerback's transgression was, though offenses like being late for a meeting or missing a class will make you a member.
     Whatever his crime, Carter definitely paid for it. First, he went through all the pre-practice conditioning wearing a brown jersey with "Minnesota Lopher" printed on the front in big pink letters, and "I let my teammates down" on the back.
     Once practice began, Carter commenced a long day of pulling a long, thick rope, like a ship-anchor rope, attached to a sled burdened down with heavy weights. As soon as he pulled it to him from roughly 30 yards away, he had to get on his hands and knees and push it back.
     Not a good time. "I don't want any part of that," tailback Duane Bennett said empathetically.
     Probably close to 100 fans showed up to watch practice, along with a large media gathering, and they saw a fairly basic football workout. Can't say I noticed any drills or techniques I hadn't seen before. But the energy level of the coaching staff is unmistakable. They're running around after every play, complimenting or (mostly) correcting, but always keeping things moving. Kill said the Gophers had lived up to his hopes with their effort, though "anybody can do something for one day. … You've got to do it, play-in-play-out, [and] be consistent every day."
     Way too early, of course, to project anything, but there were a couple of first impressions:
     — Linebacker Keanon Cooper got into the backfield a couple of times from the left edge, a nice way to get noticed by a coaching staff that is placing greater emphasis on pressuring the quarterback.
     — Kim Royston didn't appear hampered at all by his year-ago broken leg. He said he's 90 percent healthy, but "that 10 percent is just getting my coordination back, getting some of my speed back, getting over all the hurdles that's to be expected with an injury like this."
     — Moses Alipate's arm is as Nolan Ryan as ever; he hit freshman C.J. Cesario in stride with a long bomb during one-on-one drills.
     — Troy Stoudermire moved well at cornerback, making a nice interception off Tom Parish. But he was noticeably not as fast as freshman Marcus Jones during punt-return practice.
     — MarQueis Gray couldn't come close to a receiver during early drills, but settled down and made a couple of athletic throws in the late-in-the-day 11-on-11s. He's handling all the attention well, knowing that if he's the quarterback, he'll be the face of this team.
     — The offensive line is huge and rugged. And Ed Olson, who played as a redshirt freshman last fall, could hardly stand still afterward, he was so excited about being back on the field. "We've worked hard the past couple of months, and it's paying off now," he said. "I'm working to prove myself every day. I'm trying to be a role model."
     — Da'Jon McKnight made a couple of one-handed catches, snatching the ball out of midair, and certainly looked the part of a future NFL receiver.
     — Kill loves special teams. He worked with the punting and kickoff teams early, and even got hit, he said, by the kicker. He's certainly fiery on the field, but noted that "it's not personal, it's the way we coach. We've had tough teams where I've been, hard-nosed kids. Everybody's got a different style."
And the players know that, too. "I'll go in there and eat with them, hug them and joke with them. But when we're in here, it's time to work. … You just have to build a relationship."
     — Rod Wallace Field, the Gophers' indoor practice facility? Leaks. Badly. Add it to the university's wish list.

Source: Star Tribune – Via – Brummund

I’m eager to start watching movies again

I woke up today with the realization that I’ve fallen way behind in my movie-watching. I took a moment to pop out to Flixster to go through some upcoming releases and add them to my “movies I’d like to see”.

While I was out there, I stumbled across a bunch of titles I have seen that were still on the “like to see” list. So I’ve spent some time this morning adding ratings and posting reviews. Soon my review count will pass 1,500 which will be a great milestone. It’s that kind of number that tells me that I do have some long-time favorite hobbies.