Email Visualization, or, “I’ve been a little busy lately”

Workload Spike, Visualized through In/Out Email Volume



I've felt like I've been much more bogged down at work than usual, but the reality of the truth behind that didn't hit me until I did a little email volume visualization.  Since taking my new job in January, email is at 250% of my 3 month average and email out is at 200%.  I almost wish this was a bunch of “thanks!” emails and cc:’s…not the case here: this is legit email.


Combine this with the recent move to Utah, and it helps give a picture of why I'm feeling buried.  For those of you who are used to hearing more from me, hold tight, I haven’t forgotten about you J

Side Note: For those who are interested, I did the visualization using a tool called Xobni.  It's a cool little program, but I'm very on/off in how I use it since it is a performance hog.  Install with discretion.


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