Operation: Digital Bank Records

Doxie showed up in the middle of the week, and I was too busy with the quarter-end madness to do much other than unbox her.  At a foot long and a couple inches wide, I knew I’d found the right form factor for my decluttering project.  

Scanning is dead simple with the Doxie.  Feed the top edge of the paper into the device, then push a button.  The scanner feeds the document through in about 7 seconds, and it hits the software in another 2 seconds.  From there, you can either scan the next page, or choose to save. I tested saving locally to PDF as well as directly out to Evernote.  Both went smoothly, success!  

I pulled a couple of folders worth of old bank account records (yes, the paper kind…that’s the point) and set up on my dining room table to do some serious scanning.


I’m at about 40MBs worth of scanned records (this was about a half-drawer’s worth of a filing cabinet) after an afternoon of scanning.  Because everything was already in folders and subfolders, it made the directory structure I saved into pretty easy to figure out.

I can already tell that keeping these digitally is going to be a better option for me.  I’ve had a solid method for keeping the paper ones, but as more and more of my banking has been online (with electronic statements) it’s been tougher to manage the split-environment.  Making this all-electronic has some important considerations to address, such as security and backup, and I’ll likely post about those in the near future as well.  Today’s project was to get the process moving, and as such it was a big success.

Roses and Thorns of the Doxie

  • Most of the scanning process happens in the background (the software doesn’t pull focus all the time, and I can focus entirely on the scanner, rather than having to flip back to the GUI.
  • Documents can be scanned as a single page per document, or multiple pages (of multiple sizes).  This is killer as I’ve run into some very kludgey implementations of this in the past.
  • The Doxie software is very lightweight…I can have music going and even a movie playing in the background without any issues while scanning.

  • Paper that had stiff creases can stall in the scanner, creating stretched images 

    (I don’t like it when the scan looks like this)

  • When scanning a multi-page document, there’s not a good way to reorder the pages.  I ended up starting over a few of these…hassle and extra time

All said, I made some great progress!!  I scoped the project for April, so there is plenty of time left to keep things moving along.  Based on today’s experience the April time frame is achievable.

Worth noting, if you’re looking for more information on Doxie, go to getdoxie.com don’t be fooled by doxie.com (yikes!)

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