Month: June 2011

Not Now Skeletor!

Ha!  Skeletor making cameo appearances in classic cartoons.  Not sure why I find this so funny…but I think my favorite is when he’s at the keyboard in Jem.



Next Aronofsky Project: Noah’s Ark?

I didn’t know that this project was something he has been wanting to do, but according to an interview he did with IFC, he’s taking steps toward making the movie a reality.  Not only that, but he is going “far larger in scope than anything he’s ever attempted”.  Oh boy!
Being a huge fan of his films, as emotionally draining as they can be, I’d be excited to see the staunchly human element he would undoubtedly bring to the story.

Did I say “Oh boy!” yet?

Cake!! At Red Butte Garden


Loved the show…and what a lime to get in the venue!

Sad Songs
Opera Singer
Arco arena
Frank Sinatra
Sheep go to heaven
Long time
Mustache man
Bound away
Federal funding
Sick of you


Shadow stabbing
Rock and roll lifestyle
Love you madly
Satan is my motor
–Tree giveaway
Never there


Short skirt long jacket
War pigs
The distance

iOS 5: Most Exciting Feature…

Not sure if anyone else gets as annoyed with the iPhone mail sound…it makes my head want to explode.

I’m desperate to change that stupid little ding…and iOS 5 will be the answer.  Hallelujah!!

Plenty of other features that will be on their way, but if this is the only one I get, I’ll be happy.

Photo: Engadget
Inspiration: Ars Technica