Month: December 2011

Ooh boy… Prometheus  Trailer!


Ghoulies Doppleganger

I just finished watching Ghoulies.  If you haven’t seen it, there are a couple of scenes worth watching (okay…one, a hilarious breakdancing scene) and if you have seen it, you probably knew what you were getting yourself into.

The opening scene treats us to, among other things, an actor I recognized. 

Naturally, I thought it was Roy in Blade Runner (Rutger Hauer):

But something didn’t sit right about that.  I racked my brain for the whole movie, and finally, during this scene, it hit me!!

That’s Murdoc from MacGyver (Michael Des Barres)!!

Oh, and for anyone who wants to watch the break dancing scene without watching the whole movie…enjoy!

Raiders of the Lost Ark 30th Anniversary

I popped in Raiders just last weekend when I was feeling a little Indy.  This morning I found this video (Indyanimation via How-To-GeekNeatorama) and it took me back to my stop motion animation endeavors.  Great use of the movie soundtrack—and a wonderful one-person production.