Month: February 2012

Microsoft ads show alternatives to Google

Microsoft means business…they've turned their sights directly on their competitors in their latest online marketing campaigns.  Seriously, they don't make some vague reference to a competitor, they're calling them out!

The Google is most visibly  in the crosshairs.  Google Docs is under the most fire, targeting both consumers (first video) and organizations (second video) touting Office Web Apps as the answer.

I'm a big fan of the office web apps.  The functionality meets probably 90% of what users actually need, and they play nice with the desktop versions.  They're right in their videos….Google Docs falls short here.  They also have some side-by-side comparisons they link to (here's the one for Excel)

They also have a funny email that humanizes the way Google targets ads by monitoring keywords in your email.  

Fun videos, but they need more focus on how someone would actually make the switch.  I understand "sign up" (or sign in) but that's only the first step.  Give more.

The direct offense tactics carry over into other competitive spaces for MS as well.  One example near and dear to my heart is Dynamics CRM Online as the right choice over  Not as flashy, but good stuff nonetheless.


Had a lot of fun looking at various (and some really old) computer restart screens.

The site starts you off with a page where you click a fake restart button (choosing from a dozen or so), then the website mimics the restart.  Below is a screenshot part way through the reboot into Windows 1.01.


Fun 🙂