Is there a conspiracy to ruin Chevy Chase?

He's had hits and misses, but to date the laughs outweigh the groans.  I've just read two different articles where Chevy is in demand.  The likelihood of at least one of these being absolute rubbish is pretty high…and the odds of both being awful is much higher than the odds of both being good.

One article is about him and Dan Aykroid and that they have started a project they can't talk about.  The latter is a bit of a red flag on it's own.  Still, I'm hopeful they can find a recipe for an enjoyable movie.

The other is an appeal from the minds behind ||| who are calling for Chevy Chase and Beverly D'Angelo to reprise their roles as the Griswolds.  Ahhhhhhhhhh run away!!!  Don't tarnish the franchise any further!!

Time will tell, but like I said, I think there might be a conspiracy to ruin Chevy Chase.  Maybe a four leaf clover will bring him some luck.



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