Month: May 2012

Who needs a parachute when you have a glider suit and 18,000 boxes?

This is nuts…but awesome!


Figured out what was going on with my dropbox/drive space

With the sudden unavailability of free drive space on my netbook, I did a little digging to see what could be done to lasso in some pesky space-waters.  When I ran WinDirStat I was surprised to see that Dropbox accounted for 24.6GB of hard drive space.  This seemed particularly odd, since I only have about 12GB in my whole account.


So this one took a little digging, but I now understand what the heck was going on.  I hit google and found some answers.

As files are accessed and updated, there is a copy of each iteration kept around for 3 days in case you want to roll back.  This hadn't been an issue previously, but I recently added an Outlook Personal Folders (.pst) file to my dropbox during a move to my new laptop.

The file is about 1GB on its own…and as I dropped files out there, an additional "old" version of the whole file was kept.  At a gig per hit, that's a lot of overhead, if only for 3 days.

Dropbox is smart enough to only push the changed parts of the file…so I didn't notice a bandwidth hit that would come with uploading, say 8GB per day.  Instead, I was uploading a couple MB per day.  Fortunately, you can delete the files in the dropbox cache without concern (though it'll take longer to roll back to a less-than-three-day-old-file if you find the need to).

On a side note, hooray for only replicating the changed blocks!  See former co-workers, block level storage technology is cool and useful! 😉

So I suppose the take-away is to be mindful of keeping files (large ones in particular) in your Dropbox if they're going to be changing regularly.

Yes, Dropbox is still my top file cloud-sync choice (has been for years).  SkyDrive is making progress, and Google Drive has potential, but Dropbox just plain works.