Month: November 2012

WiiU: After One Week

WiiU and games

Ready to be unboxed…

It was only a week ago that Jess and I picked up our WiiU.  The system’s gotten a fair amount of use between us (the Thanksgiving holiday helped).  With the system we got three games: NintendoLand, New Super Mario Brothers U, and ZombiU.  Overall I’m happy with the system, and the new controller is definitely cool, but it doesn’t seem like the real potential has been tapped yet.


This is the game I was most excited for and it delivers on fun.  The clever use of the tablet in the WiiU controller is pretty well implemented.  Something is really added to the gameplay when you need to take your focus off the television and direct it toward the gamepad.

The game lacks polish though.  The visuals are not that impressive compared to titles like Skyrim and Assassin’s Creed, and heck the clipping issues make the visuals of Resident Evil 4 (on Wii) more praiseworthy.  Also, the pace of the game is slow without rewarding the player for being stealthy.  Big miss on the part of the developers.

New Super Mario Brothers U

This game is great, and my favorite of the launch titles we picked up.  The level design is fantastic and rewards both straight-line players as well as completionists.

The new controller offers little to this game, showing the exact same visuals as what’s on the TV.  Oddly enough, I enjoy the game more on the gamepad screen than I do on an HDTV.  This actually nods to a concern: how does the game showcase the new system?  It comes across as a game that was built for the original Wii, or could have been done equally as well on the 3DS.


Jess has spent a bunch of time on this one.  The mini-games range quite a bit, and I’ll give credit that there’s much more variety here than what Wii Sports had to offer.  Unfortunately, none are quite as memorable as those first days of getting people to try out Wii Bowling.  Also, once again this game does little that shows technology on par or beyond the 360 or PS3.

Time will Tell

I’m going to assume that the holiday season forced Nintendo to rush out the system without a game lineup that showcases the potential of the system.  I’ll save full judgement of the system until we get a more polished set of games.


Playable Myst Book with Myst, Riven, Exile, and more!

Brings back such fond memories…spending hours and hours on these games.  What an awesome medium to play them in.

You can see more images of building the book on the designer’s Google+ post.  I can’t help but think it’d be so much easier to use a small-form tablet with a nice leather book binding, but that would likely limit the Myst games available because of a lack of ported versions of each (the book in the video runs Windows XP).  Still, I felt all nostalgic when I ran across the video.  Thanks How-To Geek!