TableTop Day – Recap

Things kicked off with a game of Small World.  Throughout the day there were 17 total game-players and we played a decent variety of games:

  • Ticket To Ride
  • Clue
  • Small World
  • King of Tokyo
  • Pandemic
  • Cards Against Humanity

The most-played game was a toss-up between Ticket To Ride, Clue, and King of Tokyo.  The award for most-participants in a single game went to Cards Against Humanity.

We had remarkably good timing where two separate games would end at about the same time.  This gave us the perfect opportunity to vary the groups and keep fresh conversation all night.

We took chili-breaks in waves starting around 6:30.  Not to spicy, but it had a heat that built up on you if you didn’t give a little respect.  Perfect!

Originally scheduled from 2pm-12am, we took it on through to 2am.  A full half day of board gaming!  Can’t wait to do it again soon 🙂


One of the three tables that were in use. Yeah, that’s a card table topper on our ottoman. Why not? Note two things: 1) The TableTop episode on the TV, 2) The enthusiasm behind the thumbs-up!


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