Stuff & Clutter: Week 1 Recap

Grade This Week: A+

Going into the week I figured we’d be able to meet the targets. In short, we crushed it. I’m giving the “A+” instead of an “A” because Jess also made a big contribution to this week’s shed (and getting things moving).

Overall Grade: B

We’ve made more than enough progress so far, but we may have started too fast or I may have set the targets too low. These next few weeks are going to be busy so I expected to start a little fast but this week’s results were surprisingly high

As mentioned before, I’ll be making adjustments to the targets once we’ve hit a few weeks and have a better sense for what to change them to. No need to

Thoughts on the metrics

Overall, I feel pretty good about the metrics I mentioned last week. That said, the shed ratio itself is causing a bit of heartache. The core concept of the shed ratio is solid, how much more should go out than come in. That said, it’s a little too nebulous as a weekly metric. As we progress through this project it still should serve well as a long-term guide, but for now I won’t be focusing on it much when I talk with folks about how things are going.

Looking Forward

The plan is still to stick with the initial targets I planned. Based on the travel schedule for work I don’t expect to have quite as big of a shed this week.

Gross Shed Net Shed Shed Ratio
Week 1 Target 9 7 3:2
Week 1 Actual 35 28 5:1
Week 2 Target 9 7 3:2

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