Stuff & Clutter: Week 2 Recap

So the work travel I expected last week didn’t happen, though this doesn’t mean I got to spend a lot of time looking for extra stuff. I did, however, go through some of my closet to weed out some accessories I rarely (or never) used. We also thinned out a couple of travel versions of games that are easily played on an iPad if we’re on the go. Not all of our travel games went though: we focused on the ones that we don’t play a standard version of either. We’re just as likely to bring a smaller “regular” game (like Boss Monster or Moby Dick).

On another note, we made our first run to Goodwill (first for this project anyway) to donate the stuff we’re not keeping. It was a gorgeous day for a Minnesota Sunday in mid-January. While we were in line there were 10 other cars in line to make donations. It’s a tight wraparound driveway to the donation station and we laughed when we saw the tire tracks from someone had gotten impatient, hopped the curb, and drove across the snow-covered grass to another road. Too impatient to wait for the 3 vehicles ahead to unload their donations.

Grade This Week: C

Fell a bit shy on the net shed because of the extra books that I got from my Dad. Week 1 was a knockout, this one was fine but nothing to give a high grade to.

Overall Grade: B

Still on track and ahead of the pace I set.

Thoughts on the metrics

Shed ratio is still wonky for planning purposes. Dropping it from the planning numbers for now. I’ll still report actuals moving forward.

Looking Forward

This will be a tougher week. My birthday means I have some stuff coming in, so the gross shed is going up to keep the same net shed. I have three days of travel this week for work so again I won’t be able to focus on finding stuff to shed this week.

Gross Shed Net Shed Shed Ratio
Week 2 Target 9 7 3:2
Week 2 Actual 10 6 5:2
Week 3 Target 14 7

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