Stuff & Clutter: Week 4 Recap

This last week was spent in town–with nice weather to boot. Mid to high 30’s makes for an amazing late-January temperature here in Minny.

Our new entertainment center arrived at Schneiderman’s Furniture, so we were able to pick it up Friday and got it all set up before friends came over Saturday. We used the opportunity to shed some stuff that was in the old one that didn’t make sense to hang on to.

We also went through the kitchen cupboard to thin out the supply of extra mugs and glasses. While we’re still probably hanging on to too many, we found a good dozen we were willing to part with.

Grade This Week: A

The bar was raised this last week and we continue to exceed the weekly goal.

Overall Grade: A

We’re still ahead of pace.

Thoughts After 4 Weeks

It’s been a solid 4 weeks of getting rid of stuff we’re at 250% of our goal (which we raised part way through January). We’ve averaged almost four things out per day (net). Jess and I talked about how despite the fact that we’ve shed a bunch of stuff, we can’t really feel a difference or big loss in the things we’ve let go. This feels like good confirmation that we’re spending time on a worthwhile project: If we’re shedding this much stuff and barely feeling effects from it then we definitely needed to thin things out.

Looking Forward

We’re taking our average weekly shed rate from the last four weeks and using that as our week 5 target. I’m going to keep my foot on the gas but I definitely know that this high rate won’t be sustainable.

Gross Shed Net Shed
Week 4 Target 20 15
Week 4 Actual 23 21
Week 5 Target 28 25

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