Stuff & Clutter: Week 7 Recap

This week was a bit tougher. Instead of simply looking around for some lesser-used stuff, I actually had to go to the basement to the storage room and choose some stuff to go through. This is a notable milestone because this means the low-hanging fruit has been picked and now we’re having to search and gather. That said we still hit the target this week.

What did I decide to dive into you might ask? Two boxes of cords, cables, connectors, dongles, wires, power strips and extension cords. Mind you, these are the extra ones that sit in boxes nearby “just in case” we might need them. This happens maybe once every 3 months. The process involved dumping all of them out and finding:

  • Multiples of the same thing – how many extra USB cables do we really need?
  • Extraneous cables – why are we still saving firewire cords?

The net result was that we could cut down to about half the stuff that fit into 1/3 of the container space. I wish we could get rid of more but I’ve had a fair share of cables need to be replaced for one reason or another so at least here we have slimmed it down.

Grade This Week: A

Still on target.

Overall Grade: A

Feeling good about how this is going.

Looking Forward

We’ll be in town this week and it’s looking like it will be cold outside (actual MN cold). Stay warm 🙂

Gross Shed Net Shed
Week 7 Target 28 25
Week 7 Actual 28 25
Week 8 Target 28 25

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