Computers still surprise me sometimes

I recently got a new work computer and I’ve been squinting at my external monitor because the image hasn’t been that great. I’ve checked and re-checked the resolution (no issue there).

Who/how/why was the plug-and-play monitor adapter set for a 59 Hertz refresh rate instead of 60 Hertz?

Oy. Happy 2014.


My New Wallet – the SlimFold Micro

I recently backed a kickstarter for the SlimFold Micro wallet.  It’s extremely thin, but made of Tyvek so it’s amazingly durable.

Loving it so far.  I’ve been using a minimalist wallet for the last few years, the Slimmy.  It’s been great, but the SlimFold micro seems to be an even better solution so far.

SlimFold Micro and Slimmy Wallets

SlimFold Micro (left) and Slimmy (right). Now consider the fact that the one on the left has my ID, cards, and cash in it while the one on the right is empty.

To the Boneyard: Samsung Blackjack II

My iPhone is definitely here to stay, and that means it’s time to say goodbye to my second Blackjack.

What I’ll Miss:

  • Tic-tac style keyboard
  • Replaceable Battery – I’ve had several batteries between my two Blackjacks…normal and extended life.  One of my biggest points of concern with the iPhone is that it needs to keep me going through the day.
  • Expandable memory – iPhone’s 32GB will be reasonable, but I do wonder how long it will take to feel cramped.

Goodnight, sweet prince.

New Device: iPhone

I’m psyched!  I’m long overdue for a hardware refresh, and Christmas helped move me along.

On the digitalism front, I’ll be testing my resolve…since I’ve really acquired a portable computer that doubles as a phone.  The iTunes app store is something I’ve had no interest in, but after only 48 hours of getting my hands on the phone, I see it’s going to be tough to hold off on adding lame and unnecessary apps.

Already on my netbook, I’ve installed iTunes (and its required QuickTime).  It’s a bulky app, but a fairly necessary evil for managing iPhone media content.

I’ll be updating the rest of the site soon.