iPhone Adds

I’m still wary of adding a bunch of crap onto my phone. This is in part because I don’t want it to become a time-suck, but also because I want to make sure I don’t bloat the phone and run into performance issues. The new adds are below.

ZBar Barcode Reader – After seeing a number of QR barcodes, I wanted to download an app that would read them.

Public Radio – Pulls both live streams and provides easy mobile access to historic Minnesota Public Radio content. One day, if I’m curious, I might explore some of the additional content available through the app.

Solitaire – Because who doesn’t need solitaire at some time or another?

That’s all…not too many adds (but I’m not having to remove anything either).

For the curious, here’s a QR Code for my http://www.matthewcanderson.com website.  Scan it with your phone and it will open a link to the site in your mobile browser.  Enjoy!
matthewcanderson.com QR Code


Next Generation iPhone Prototype

I would have expected this “leak” of information on April 1st to get all of the techies excited (only to pull out the rug with a solid “April Fools!).  We’re well beyond that point, and this looks pretty legit.  This looks absolutely sweet.

While I expect to see some updates to the shell design, the boxy look that it sports is pretty appealing to me.  Looks more solid (despite the plastic back).

Thanks for the great detail Gizmodo!  Click through to their site for the full story on how they got their hands on it and lots of pictures.

On a side note, I’ve been buried at work and with my band, so I’m behind on my blog posting.  Stay tuned as they’ll get out there soon!

Now Testing: Handbrake

After six weeks of iPhone use, I’ve found myself wanting to have more video loaded in the (unlikely) case that I find myself with some downtime.  You know, load on a few episodes of Arrested Development and MacGyver.

Yep, the logo is a flaming drink and pineapple...

Yep, the logo is a flaming drink and pineapple...

I’ve been a long time user of DVDFab for ripping my DVDs onto my computer, and I’m quite happy with the overall experience…that is…until I tried transcoding to a format that works on the iPhone.  Yuck.  Time to try something else.

After some online research, Handbrake rose to the top of my list.

I installed the Windows GUI and took my first crack at it last week.  The interface was intuitive enough, though as is the case for most video conversion applications, it’s pretty easy to get lost in all of the different options.  For now, I’ve stuck with the basics.

More to come as I play with things a bit more.

**Note: Anyone reading this hoping they may have found a good DVD ripper, you’ll want to look elsewhere.  Handbrake is not your answer.  It’s doesn’t break copy protection, and doesn’t try to…so if that’s your goal, don’t waste your time here.

To the Boneyard: Samsung Blackjack II

My iPhone is definitely here to stay, and that means it’s time to say goodbye to my second Blackjack.

What I’ll Miss:

  • Tic-tac style keyboard
  • Replaceable Battery – I’ve had several batteries between my two Blackjacks…normal and extended life.  One of my biggest points of concern with the iPhone is that it needs to keep me going through the day.
  • Expandable memory – iPhone’s 32GB will be reasonable, but I do wonder how long it will take to feel cramped.

Goodnight, sweet prince.

New iPhone Apps: Sound Grenade & Alarm Clock

Free versions of both (paid versions available for added features).  Alarm clock is a digital clock (with nice Matrix-ey green old school LCD style numbers).  Sound Grenade was recommended by a co-worker of mine.  A devious little program that uses the speaker to emit a high pitched tone that’s remarkably difficult to track down.

While I’ve continued to download Apps, I’ve purged nothing from the iPhone as of yet.  I suspect some will come soon, but given my pickiness of what I install, I don’t see a mass deletion on the horizon.

I haven’t shelled out money for any apps, which surprises me.  I was not under the impression that there were a wealth of worthwhile free Apps in the iTunes store.  Additionally, I’m pretty excited that I don’t need to hook up to iTunes on a computer to download Apps.  Surprising that I’m as in tune with tech as I am, however I had no clue the experience would be this slick.  Perhaps this is something Apple can improve upon a bit.

My most used App has been Evernote, in fact, it’s now more useful than I’ve ever found it to be.  Perhaps the topic of an upcoming post…

iPhone Apps

I take great pride in keeping my computers clutter-free; challenging myself to think and rethink any questionable install.

Enter the iTunes App store, a Mecca of cool little installable gadgets just waiting to be downloaded. Many if which seem to be quite useful, while scores more are simply a bad idea.

Talk about testing my resolve…

Here’s what I’ve installed so far:

  • Google Mobile
  • Evernote
  • WordPress
  • Flixster
  • Pandora
  • DropBox
  • Gorillacam
  • FlyCast
  • Shazam
  • ESG
  • Facebook

…so that makes it quite a few. It’s taken all of my resolve not to install a bunch more.

I’ll see how these serve me.

**note, this post was entirely crafted in the iPhone wordpress app and I hope it comes out looking okay.