Long time no see…

It’s been a while since my last post here. Probably the longest I’ve gone in almost 10 years of personal blogging. Lots going on and the tough thing is that I miss getting posts out here but have been stuck on what of the many things is best to expand on here.

Not that I haven’t been blogging. In fact I’ve posted several to the Hitachi Solutions blog (1-2 per month) so I’m not completely absent. That said, it’s not the same as posting here.

I want to find a way to use some of my travel time for blogging/content creation. I’ve logged over 50K miles in travel this year. While that doesn’t put me among the top tier road warrior status, it’s still been a heck of a lot considering all but one trip have been domestic. That’s meant a lot of airport time. When I’m not working at the airport I’m escaping with a book, but I need another go-to option that’s a little more creative.

We shall see.


Awesome Carry-on Luggage

I’m really happy with my current setup for my carry-on luggage. It treats me well and I have few complaints. The biggest trouble spot I have is when traveling with a suit coat I run into hassles trying to keep it looking sharp. That said, I’m really impressed with the VOICER C38 luggage.

I’m not sure if I’d classify myself as a “global nomadic gentleman” but I think the luggage is pretty dang slick. Head’s up to my road-warriors friends out there…check this thing out!