Month: July 2010

Finding Experts on (or…how to make a logo when you’re not very artsy)

I’ve been spending a lot of time lately prepping social media sites for my new Country Rock Cover Band, Daisy and the Dukes.  To get a professional and versatile logo, we worked with a company through and had a fantastic experience getting exactly what we wanted.  I definitely recommend using their marketplace to post work requests.

When I was originally setting up our website, twitter and facebook pages we needed a working logo.  I pulled down a sketch of a Dodge Charger and put on the band name.

Draft Dukes Logo

Basic, but directionally accurate

While that was nice and all, it wasn’t something we were ready to use to put on a banner, t-shirts, etc because it got all pixeley when you increased the size.

Being someone without a lot of artistic skill, I looked to find a professional.  I turned to, a site where you can post jobs for people (or companies) to bid on.  While I’d heard of it, I only knew one person who’d used it (Storage Texan‘s logo was commissioned through elance).  He had a good experience, but is only one datapoint, so I was a bit wary.  It was still worth a shot, because if worst came to worst we could make do with my logo.

After deliberating on exactly what to include in the request, I laid out a handful of deliverables and some direction of what the feel of the logo should be.  Once posted, I searched through a list of well-known companies and requested that they bid on my project.

The responses came back quick!  Within an hour, I had two back, but both were fairly generic and I wondered if they had actually read through my request.  After about 12 hours, I had a good handful to choose from, and I was messaging back and forth (through elance) to get samples of their work as well as additional info about the way they like to interact during the project.

Once I awarded the business, we were off and running.  After filling out a “brief sheet”, I had back some logo concepts in under 24 hours.  Two in particular were on the right track.  After a few more iterations back and forth, we’d arrived at the final logo, which was delivered in all of the requested print and digital formats.

It was really simple, and the pricing was very reasonable.  While I certainly didn’t go with the lowest bid, the logo didn’t require a loan either.

Final Dukes Logo

Yeah, that's way better.

Now it’s time to start making some swag for our upcoming shows.  Should be gigging by mid-September!


300 Actions Per Minute (5 actions per second)…

I was a pretty serious PC gamer about 10 years ago.  It’s when I see something like this that I really start to feel out of practice.  Yowza, I can’t even imagine having this kind of speed.

Makes me wonder what the average APM comes in at for the Guitar Hero version of DragonForce’s “Through The Fire and Flames”.

[Original post from Ars Technica]