Month: June 2013

Farewell Google Reader…Hello Feedly!

I’ve been a loyal Google Reader user for many years now, but Google decided to shutter the service.  Anyone looking for an alternative has until the end of June to make it happen.    I tried a few alternatives and am most impressed with Feedly and highly recommend it.  They make it easy to migrate (1-click simplicity) and offer a richer experience that still feels familiar to a Google Reader user.

Feedly Screenshot

Not sold?  Here’s a list of what they’ve done in the last 100 days to support the Google Reader community.


WiiU…still falling short

With E3 kicking off, I was hopeful that good news might be on the horizon. Unfortunately the games I’m really looking forward to aren’t due out until 2014. No wonder they didn’t feel sheepish of a “release window” that spanned 5 months.

Super Mario 3D world...looks strikingly like Mario 64, doesn't it?

Super Mario 3D world…looks strikingly like Mario 64, doesn’t it?

Even though there are some games slated for 2013, they’re just not that exciting. It’s a mix of ported games from other systems, a remake of the Zelda released for GameCube in 2002, and a Mario game that’s a throwback to 1996’s Mario64 (which I suppose is a step ahead of Super Mario Bros. U, a throwback to 1990’s Super Mario World and 1998’s Mario 3).

My WiiU has been moved to the basement…which means that it’s on a generation-old TV and is rarely used. Sigh. It’s tough to face the reality of how underwhelming the new console has been.

Stormie the Dog!

It’s been a while since I posted.  Why?  We adopted a puppy from a rescue organization and my spare time has been spent with her for the last couple of weeks.

She’s about 5 months old and actively losing her puppy teeth.  She’s definitely a Terrier, but the specific mix of breeds is uncertain.  We’re thinking a mix something like Smooth Fox, Jack Russell, and Rat Terrier, and maybe a little Italian Greyhound or Whippet.  Smart as a whip (sometimes a little too smart…) and really well mannered.

And now for a few pictures:

Tall girl, 15" at the withers, but it's all legs.

Stormie saying hello to Jess. Tall girl, 15″ at the withers, but only 12 lbs.

Here she is stretching out.  The height comes from her long legs.

Here she is stretching out next to me in the yard. You can see that her height comes from her long legs. They’ll make her a good dog for running with one day, too.

Look at me!  I'm cute and a Gopher fan!

Look at me! I’m cute and a Gopher fan!