Month: January 2012

Star Wars Crowdsource Feature Length Film

I've only watched ten minutes so far, but if you haven't seen this, it's worth a look see.


While doing some competitive research, I stumbled across this video.

I was expecting a Schrute-esque snarky comment, but sadly it never came.  Watch a little bit and I think you'll understand.

The camera cuts, monologue pacing, camera jostle, and focus style definitely pay homage to The Office, right?

Gotta check this out after work…

CloudOn Brings Microsoft Office to Your iPad, Complete with Cloud Storage

iPad: CloudOn brings a fully-loaded version of Microsoft Office to the iPad, so you can edit documents on-the-go using all of Office's features, and store your documents right in your Dropbox.


The idea of being able to work with excel files from the cloud on my ipad (with full functionality) is a big wishlist item.  Numbers is fun, but doesn't cut it.